Learning the warning signs of sexual abuse at summer camp

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Summer Camps

Florida has many programs and camps for children to enjoy while school is out for the summer. Unfortunately, a select few hired to work at summer camps abuse children campers. As a parent, learning about the signs of summer camp sexual abuse is vital.

Not wanting to return to camp

In most cases, children having a normal summer camp experience will want to return year after year. Understandably, enduring sexual abuse at a camp would make any child hesitant to go back. If your child is fearful or otherwise showing they don’t want to return to a camp, summer camp sexual abuse could be an unfortunate reason why.

Sudden behavioral changes

Children who’ve had fun at camps typically come home full of stories to tell. That’s not the case for children who’ve endured unwanted contact while at summer camp. After such a traumatic event, children may show signs of anxiety, fear or depression.

Trouble sleeping

Extreme stress often causes many adverse side effects, including having trouble sleeping. A few sleepless nights don’t mean your child recently experienced sexual abuse. However, this symptom is something to watch for along with the other signs detailed in this article.

Substance abuse

Older children may also turn to drugs after sexual abuse. Be alert for new signs this is happening with drugs or alcohol. A few common symptoms of substance abuse include your child acting strangely or finding alcohol or drugs in their room.

Hearing their child admit they survived sexual abuse is every parent’s worst nightmare. If you’re in this situation, always let your child know it isn’t their fault in any way. Then contact the proper authorities to report what’s happened.