From Victim to Warrior: The Turning Point That Led Me to Sue for Sexual Abuse

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Catholic Church, Massage Therapists

Why I Filed Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Horowitz Law


Deciding to take legal action in cases of sexual abuse is never an easy process. It’s a journey marked by introspection, courage, and an unwavering desire for justice. At Horowitz Law, we’ve stood beside many survivors, guiding them through their decision-making process around litigation. Here, we delve into various catalysts that have propelled survivors to pursue a lawsuit, hoping their narratives inspire others to step forward.

When My Parents Told Me My Abuser Had Been Promoted

The realization that my abuser had not only escaped accountability but was also thriving professionally was gut-wrenching. It underscored a grotesque oversight by those in power—a failure to acknowledge and act upon the harm inflicted. This moment was pivotal, shattering any remaining illusions that the system would correct itself without my intervention.

When I Found Out That My Abuser Also Molested My Younger Sister

Discovering that my abuser had harmed not just me but also my younger sister brought a sharp, painful clarity. The pattern of abuse wasn’t isolated; it was methodical, impacting those closest to me. This heartbreaking revelation spurred me to protect my family and prevent future harm.

When My Son Reached the Age I Was When I Was Molested

Watching my son grow and eventually reach the age I was when I experienced abuse was a haunting milestone. It evoked a fierce protective instinct and a renewed empathy for my childhood self. This moment sharpened my resolve to seek justice, not just for me but for all children.

When I Looked at Old Photos and Realized How Many Kids He Spent Time With

Old photographs, once innocent reminders of the past, became harrowing evidence of my abuser’s access and proximity to children. Each smiling face potentially hid a similar story of pain and betrayal. This realization was a powerful motivator, fueling my determination to expose the truth.

When I Saw Officials at the Same Institution Mishandling a Different Abuse Case

Observing how current cases of abuse were mishandled by officials at the same institution where I suffered was both disheartening and galvanizing. It underscored a systemic failure to protect the vulnerable and a pervasive culture of silence. This insight propelled me to act, refusing to let history repeat itself.

When My Counselor Asked Me, ‘Is There Something Deeper Here Behind Your Addiction?

The journey through counseling often uncovers deeply buried truths. When my counselor inquired about the roots of my addiction, it illuminated the direct link between my substance use and the unresolved trauma of my abuse. This moment of clarity was crucial in understanding the full extent of the impact on my life.

When My Third Marriage Fell Apart, and I Knew My Childhood Trauma Played a Big Role

The collapse of my third marriage was a stark indicator of how deeply my childhood trauma influenced my relationships. Acknowledging this painful truth was a critical step in acknowledging the need to confront my past head-on, seeking healing and accountability through litigation.

When Prosecutors Announced That My Perpetrator Would Face No Criminal Charges

The announcement that my abuser would not face criminal charges felt like a devastating betrayal by the justice system. It was a harsh reminder that legal outcomes do not always reflect the truth or the severity of the harm caused. This decision solidified my resolve to seek justice through civil litigation, refusing to remain silent.

When My Parole Officer Told Me That Almost Every Ex-Con Had Been Abused as a Kid

A conversation with my parole officer revealed a tragic and widespread ripple effect of child abuse among incarcerated individuals. Recognizing this pattern was a sobering reminder of the long-term consequences of abuse and the importance of breaking the cycle. It motivated me to take action, not just for myself but for those who share similar stories.

When I Saw on the News That Other Victims Who Were Suing Got Tossed Out of Court

Witnessing other victims’ lawsuits get dismissed was disheartening, yet it also ignited a defiant hope within me. It underscored the challenges ahead but also the critical importance of fighting for justice. Knowing others had walked similar paths made me determined to persevere, advocating not just for myself but for all survivors.

When I Read in the Church Bulletin That the Church Held a Huge Retirement Bash for My Abuser

Learning about the church’s celebration of my abuser’s career, despite his heinous acts, was a moment of sheer disbelief and anger. It highlighted the insidious ways institutions often protect perpetrators, prioritizing their reputation over the well-being of victims. This realization fueled my desire to expose the truth and compel institutional accountability.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke’s words resonate deeply with survivors and advocates alike. It’s a reminder that inaction favors the oppressor, not the victim. At Horowitz Law, we are committed to supporting survivors of sexual abuse in their pursuit of justice. If you’ve been hurt by sexual violence, we encourage you to explore your legal options and consider taking that brave step forward. Together, we can fight against the silence and seek the accountability that is long overdue.

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