Catholic Disclosures Feel Like Another Type of March Madness

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Catholic Church

Crimes and Corruption in the Catholic Hierarchy Horowitz Law

March is typically known for its basketball madness, a time of brackets, upsets, and Cinderella stories. Yet, for those of us at Horowitz Law, “March Madness” has taken on a starkly different tone. It’s about a flurry of revelations emerging from within the Catholic Church, bombarding us with the kind of news that leaves us reeling, and frankly, it’s maddening. This post dives into the distressing disclosures that, much like an unexpected turn in a basketball game, caught many of us off guard but demanded our undivided attention.

The Shocking Surge of Revelations

Just one week into March, the volume of disclosures concerning the Catholic Church has been overwhelming. The revelations paint a distressing picture of crimes, cover-ups, and a systemic resistance to change that continues to fester within the Catholic hierarchy.

Legal Roadblocks and Lost Rights

In a revelation that feels like a step backward rather than forward, it’s been discovered that a lawyer representing Catholic institutions has been hard at work—not in supporting survivors of abuse, but in ensuring they face even more significant barriers to justice. This individual’s efforts have not only blocked attempts to reform one state’s statute of limitations but have actually made it tougher for abuse survivors to seek legal action. The stark reality of this situation is made more bitter by the knowledge that scores of Native American children, once under the care of church boarding schools, are left even more isolated and without recourse.

A Long-Overdue Defrocking

Thirty years after being convicted of murder and abuse, a priest was FINALLY stripped of his clerical status by the Vatican. This defrocking, while a necessary step towards justice, prompts a critical question: why did it take decades for such action to be taken? The delayed response by the Vatican starkly illustrates the sluggish pace at which the Catholic Church addresses serious crimes within its ranks.

Leadership in Question

A more recent scandal involves a Catholic school principal charged with the sexual assault of another staff member, an incident that occurred just last year. This case not only underscores the ongoing issue of sexual abuse within the institution but also raises severe concerns about the individuals placed in positions of power and trust within the Church’s educational system.

The distressing nature of these revelations, particularly when viewed collectively, underscores a painful reality. Little, if anything, has changed within the Catholic Church’s approach to handling, acknowledging, and preventing abuse and corruption.

A Call to Action

> “It’s not just about being maddened by these revelations; it’s about channeling that frustration into meaningful change.”

This series of disclosures, as disheartening as they are, serves as a critical reminder of the work that still needs to be done. It’s a call to action for all of us—lawyers, survivors, advocates, and everyday individuals—to push for more substantial reforms within the Catholic Church and beyond. The fight for justice, transparency, and accountability must continue with renewed vigor. And while this especially egregious scandal is a couple of months old, it bears mention here for the same reason: it shows that little, if anything, has changed. . . 

As we move through this month of March, let us not forget the real madness at play here. It’s a madness characterized by systemic failures and a persistent reluctance to confront uncomfortable truths. But it’s also a reminder that we can demand better, support survivors, and work towards a future where such disclosures are no longer a recurring theme.

It’s time we collectively shift our focus from the madness of the courts to the madness of a system that allows such injustices to persist. Let this March be a turning point, a moment when we all say “enough” and take meaningful steps toward healing and change.

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