Abuse by clergy FAQ

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Catholic Church

The clergy sex abuse crisis has continued to grow in significance in Florida over the past several decades. Many victims of sexual abuse have been reluctant to come forward and take steps against members of the clergy. There are many valid reasons for this reticence. But victims need to know that the law is on their side and will help them out in any way possible.

What are victims of clergy sex abuse like?

Victims of clergy sex abuse come from all ages, sexes, and socioeconomic levels. There have been victims from clergy of multiple denominations. Stories go back decades and are global in scope. No group has been completely isolated from the horrors of clergy sex abuse. This inherent nature is a major reason why the abuse problem has continued for years.

Why don’t victims always come forward?

Many victims of clergy sexual abuse are reluctant to filing a lawsuit against a religious organization. They are often fighting groups with thousands of lawyers and millions of dollars in revenue. Victims may believe that they are not perfect and have feelings for their abusers. The combination of fear and reticence has caused many individuals not to take substantial steps to remedy their abuse. But this reticence has led to abusers continuing to hold places of power and abuse others. In addition to acquiring adequate compensation, victims of clergy sex abuse need to file lawsuits so they stop the clergy members who harmed them.

How should victims move forward?

Victims of clergy sex abuse need to find a trusted partner. They need to work with a lawyer and preferably an advocacy and therapeutic group. People afflicted by clergy sex abuse need to work on repairing themselves and making themselves whole. Then, they will be prepared to start fully embracing the remedies for their abuse offered by the legal system.