Massachusetts Doctor Derrick Todd Accused of Sexually Assaulting Over 200 Patients

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Abuser Profiles, Doctors/Healthcare Providers

Massachusetts Doctor Derrick Todd stands accused of sexually assaulting over 200 patients at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts since 2010. In April 2023, Brigham and Women’s Hospital received two anonymous complaints and launched an internal investigation into Todd. In June of 2023, Todd was placed on administrative leave.  He was terminated in July of that year. Todd reached a voluntary agreement with the Board of Registration in Medicine in September to stop practicing medicine anywhere in the United States.

According to media reports, Todd, who specializes in rheumatology, treated victims’ rheumatological conditions before conducting invasive and unnecessary exams. Todd allegedly would repeatedly command patients to remove their clothing and would then perform unwarranted pelvic exams and mammograms. According to the lawsuit, Todd’s victims range from teenagers to patients in their 60s. Todd’s alleged victims were largely, but not exclusively, women.

Victims targeting Derrick Todd in civil lawsuits have also brought claims against Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Charles River Medical Associates, alleging that the organizations knew about the abuse and failed to prevent continued abuse.

There have been no criminal charges filed against Todd.  According to media reports, Todd was placed under investigation by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in 2023.

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