Plantation Hospital Employee Emerson Jean Arrested for Sex Crimes on Elderly Patients at HCA Westside

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Doctors/Healthcare Providers

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Emerson Jean, age 45, has been arrested in Broward County on felony charges that he sexually battered two elderly female patients at HCA Florida Westside Hospital in in Plantation, Florida. At the time of these incidents, Mr. Jean was employed at the hospital as a patient care technician.  As a patient care technician, Mr. Jean is not licensed by the Florida Department of Health and he has no authority to complete any type of examination on a patient.  Emerson Jean had been working at HCA Florida Westside Hospital since 2021 and lives in Lauderdale Lakes.

The first alleged sexual assault is reported to have occurred on January 25, 2024.  It resulted in criminal charges being filed against Emerson Jean for (1) Sexual Battery (Helpless Person) and (2) Sexual Battery Upon a Person 65 years of Age or Older.   A 74-year female patient reported to law enforcement in March 2004 that she was admitted as a patient to HCA Florida Westside Hospital from January 19 through 27, 2024, where she was placed in a private, single occupancy room.  During her visit, she was not medically stable to assist herself with basic life skills.  On the date of the assault, she urinated on herself due to not fully understanding how her Purewick catheter functioned. After this occurred, she was assisted out of the hospital bed by Emerson Jean because she was unable to do so herself.  Mr. Jean also helped her remove her gown and placed her naked in a chair.  The patient reports that Mr. Jean then cleaned up the room while leaving her humiliated and naked in a chair.  Once he cleaned the room, he placed her back into the bed while still naked. While she was in her hospital bed, Mr. Jean used a rag to begin “cleaning” Her.  He then allegedly rubbed her vaginal area with his hands then placed either the rag or his fingers forcefully into her vagina.  He did this all without her consent according to law enforcement records.  He also reportedly rubbed and massage her left breast with his hand.  Due to her fragile stated in the hospital, the patient reported that she was helpless to stop Emerson Jean’s actions.  The patient told law enforcement that the penetration was painful and when she told him it was painful, he stopped.  However, Mr. Jean reportedly told the patient not to say anything because he could get fired.  The patient correctly identified a picture of her assailant during a meeting with Plantation Police in May 2024.

The second incident is reported to have occurred on the same floor of the same hospital as the prior incident.  A 70-year old woman reported to Plantation Police that on May 28, 2024, she was the sole patient in a private room of his hospital.  She reported that she was lying in her hospital bed on her side due to pain in and around her “belt line” when Emerson Jean entered her room.  Mr. Jean whispered in her ear asking if she was in pain and awake.  She told him she was awake and in pain.  Mr. Jean then insisted on checking her “groin area.” He then allegedly lifted her hospital gown and pulled down the patient’s pajama shorts and penetrated her with his gloved fingers without her consent,  Mr. Jean reportedly positioned his body on top of her so she could not move her right hand and arm.  He also is accused of pinning her left hand down at the wrist area.  At the time of this alleged assault, the patient was also unable to move with full range of motion due to a recent surgical procedure.  The patient told police that she told him repeatedly that he is hurting her but he continued to penetrate her vagina with his finger.  She said it felt as if he was “having sex with me with his fingers.”  When the alleged victim met with law enforcement, she broke down crying and said, ‘I’m an old lady, why would he do this to me?’” according to the Probable Cause affidavit. The patient immediately reported the assault to a physician in the hospital shortly after it occurred.  Hospital employees verified to law enforcement that Emerson Jean should not have been performing a pelvic exam and the floor he worked on did not have any gynecological services.  The May 28, 2024 incident resulted in Emerson Jean being charged with (1) Sexual Battery (Helpless Person); (2) False Imprisonment; and (3) Battery Upon a Person 65 Years of Age or Older.

Plantation Police issued a press release on June 5, 2024 asking for help from the public if they have any information about these incident or had a similar experience at HCA Westside Hospital.

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