Dept. of Health Issues Emergency Order Suspending Florida Doctor’s License Due to Sexual Misconduct With Patient

| Jun 27, 2017 | Doctors/Healthcare Providers

The Florida Department of Health issued an Emergency Order  on June 19, 2017 suspending the medical license of Dr. William Dalton in response to an allegation that he initiated sexual contact with a female patient on multiple occasions during appointments at his office between May 2016 and May 2017.  The patient reported that Dr. Dalton touched her breasts, penetrated her vagina, and exposed his penis.  Dr. Dalton is an 87-year old general practitioner who had an office at 2421 Duquesne Avenue, Apopka, FL 32712.  He previously had an office in Lake Mary, Florida.  The alleged victim is a 42-year old female.

When the Department of Health investigators interviewed Dr. Dalton in May 2017, he reportedly admitted to touching the patient’s breasts and commented: “they are my biggest attraction.”  He then allegedly admitted that he touched her breasts “for the enjoyment of it.”

Doctors hold a position of power in the physician-patient relationship under Florida law.  Section 458.329, Florida Statutes (2016), states that “[t]he physician-patient  relationship is founded on mutual trust.”  In its Emergency Order, the Department of Health stated as follows: “Dr. Dalton abused the physician-patient relationship by engaging in sexual activity with Patient K.G. Dr. Dalton’s blatant and repeated inappropriate behavior shows that Dr. Dalton does not have the judgment or moral character to hold a position of power and trust. It is clear that Dr. Dalton feels entitled to exercise his influence as a physician in order to engage in sexual activity with patients without hesitation.  Dr. Dalton’s disregard for the laws and rules regulating his profession and his cavalier response to this investigation indicate that this behavior is likely to continue. Because of this risk, Dr. Dalton’s continued unsuspended practice represents an immediate, serious danger to patients under his care. Therefore, there are no less restrictive means than the terms outlined in this Order that will adequately protect the public.”

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