Deerfield Beach Pastor Maurice Lyn Arrested For Fondling 15-Year Old Boy

| Aug 14, 2019 | Catholic Church

Maurice Dave Lyn, the Pastor at Church of God of Prophecy in Deerfield Beach, has been arrested on lewd and lascivious charges for allegedly kissing and and fondling a a 15-year old boy.  The incident, which was charged as a Second Degree Felony, is alleged to have occurred on August 6, 2019, when the Pastor took the boy to shopping for school supplies.  After shopping, the two had lunch and then returned to the teenage boy’s apartment in Coral Springs where they were alone.  At the apartment, Lyn reported pushed the boy against a counter and started kissing and fondling the boy who resisted his advances.

According to law enforcement records, when the boy’s mother confronted Lyn about molesting her son, Lyn said he was “praying and fasting for forgiveness.”  Lyn, originally from Jamaica, came to the United States in 2002 and is the senior pastor at Deerfield Beach Ministries.

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