Signs that your child may have been molested

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Other Sexual Abuse

Florida parents expect their children to be safe at school or in the care of those they trust. Sadly, many kids end up being abused by people who are supposed to protect them. These are some signs that your child may have been molested.

Anxiety, depression or unusual mood swings

Children who are being molested might show signs of anxiety, depression or mood swings that are unusual for them. If they exhibit these symptoms without any known reason, you should question them to find out what’s troubling them. Children who have been sexually abused often show a complete personality change. Mood swings could include sudden bouts of rage, fear, withdrawal or insecurity.

Suddenly recurring nightmares

Although it’s normal for everyone to have nightmares on occasion, a child who’s suffered molestation has them often. Your child may have sleeping difficulties on top of the nightmares. You should try to get to the bottom of it, sit down with your child and ask what’s wrong.

Fear of adults of a specific gender

Many kids who are molested exhibit fear around adults of a specific gender. If your child is suddenly afraid of being around any adult men, your guard should immediately go up. Take them aside and find out what’s going on. If your child is being abused by a man of a certain age range, they might be afraid of all men in that person’s general age group.

Exhibiting sexual behaviors

Younger children who have suffered molestation often act out their abuse by exhibiting certain sexual behaviors. They might mimic what they’ve endured with their dolls or stuffed animals. If you have never seen your child doing this before, you should take it as a red flag.

Molestation is devastating for kids and their families. You can help by being your child’s support system.