Dn. Joseph Firlie – Archdiocese of Baltimore

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Deacon Joseph Firlie

Archdiocese of Baltimore

Joseph Firlie Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1980s

Died: 2000

Assignment History:

  • 1980-1990s: St. Peter and Paul School (Cumberland, MD)
  • 1990: Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

Summary of Abuse Allegations Against Deacon Joseph Firlie

Deacon Joseph Firlie was ordained a Catholic priest and worked in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  In April 2023, Maryland’s Attorney General released a report alleging 156 Catholic clergy members sexually abused at least 600 children over six decades. The report lists the names of the abusers, including Deacon Firlie.

According to the Attorney General’s report, in 1991, a 17-year-old boy from the Department of Juvenile Services, where Firlie worked, accused Firlie of making sexual advances and described him as “unstable.” Firlie denied the allegation, and there were no criminal charges. The supervisor also told the archdiocese that Firlie’s co-workers said, “We all know of Mr. Firlie’s sexual problems.” Firlie was confronted by the State’s Attorney and was sent to the Johns Hopkins Sex Clinic.

Police detectives learned that Firlie was seen in an area of Cumberland referred to as the “Circuit,” where men went to pick up young males. The detective notified the archdiocese and also told them about two other possible incidents of problematic behavior. The supervisor told Firlie to resign from DJS, or an investigation would be conducted. Firlie resigned. In 1992, he began a job with the Maryland Transportation Authority.

In 2010, a man called the Archdiocese of Baltimore and said that he was sexually abused by Deacon Firlie from 1979-1983 when he was an altar boy at St. Peter and Paul Catholic School from 10-14 years old. The archdiocese reported the call to the appropriate authorities but was not listed on their credibly accused list. Firlie died in 2000.

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