Hollywood TV Exec Eric Weinberg had $5M Bail Revoked After Judge Said He is a Danger to Society

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Eric Weinberg, a Hollywood writer and producer, pleaded not guilty after two arrests and 18 felony counts of rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual battery, false imprisonment, assault by means to cause great bodily harm, and sexual penetration by a foreign object. Weinberg remains in custody in an LA County jail after the judge revoked his $5 million bail stating that he is a potential danger to society and a serial rapist.

Best known for his work on the sitcoms, Scrubs, Californication, and Veronica’s Closet, Weinberg, 62, was arrested on July 14, 2022, in connection with allegations of sexual assault, including rape, between 2012 and 2019. The LA Police Department identified at least eight women Weinberg may have victimized. Following that arrest, he was released on $3.5-million bail before being arrested a second time on October 4, 2022, on more expansive charges, and bail increased to $5 million. Two civil suits have been filed against the Hollywood exec, accusing him of two separate sexual assaults in 2019 and seeking unspecified general and punitive damages.

The first suit alleges that Weinberg “baited” the woman to his home where he assaulted her in December 2019. The two met on a dating app and exchanged “numerous text messages, where Weinberg came across as charming, considerate and respectful of sexual boundaries,” the suit states. The two met at a nearby cocktail bar before decamping for Weinberg’s Los Feliz home. As they entered his front door, Weinberg “shockingly unzipped his pants and exposed his penis.” According to the suit, Weinberg asked if he could “jerk it” as the woman “talked about her work accomplishments.” Though Weinberg initially appeared to respect her boundaries, according to the suit, he went on to sexually assault the victim, allegedly forcing her to perform sexual acts. The civil suit claims that the woman believes that Weinberg filmed portions of the encounter without her consent.

The second suit stems from claims made by a woman who met Weinberg in February 2019 at a grocery store parking lot. Weinberg introduced himself as an executive producer for Scrubs and “offered her the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot” and help with starting a modeling career. Similar to accounts by other women, Weinberg showed her examples of his photography and photos of his wife and children. The suit shows texts that state explicitly that the woman was not comfortable with “erotica”-type photos. Weinberg allegedly lured the victim to his home, where he photographed the victim in his daughter’s bedroom. The suit says that he told the girl to remove her shirt, and when she didn’t comply, Weinberg proceeded to sexually assault her. The lawsuit also states that he told the victim to assure him that she would not tell the police he had raped her.

According to police and court records, more than half a dozen women over the last seven years claim Weinberg lured them to his home, often under the guise of a photo shoot, before restraining and sexually assaulting them. Reports say that Weinberg used his Hollywood status to “manipulate women” he met in coffee bars, supermarkets, and a Los Feliz pie shop to his Edgemont Street home. Detectives have said Weinberg would approach women in their 20s and 30s and set up photo shoots with them. Sometimes he talked about his career in Hollywood. 

After one encounter, a woman began using a Facebook group to warn others about Weinberg’s alleged behavior, according to a declaration filed in family court. Los Angeles police had investigated Weinberg on suspicion of sexual assault on two occasions before his July arrest, records show, but the investigations were always dropped citing insufficient evidence, according to court records and police. The District Attorney stated that in addition to the five Jane Doe victims included in the charges against Weinberg, at least two other women have made allegations that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating, and the department has received 70 tips.

After two decades in the industry, Weinberg received a reputation of being a “perve” yet continued to work. The saga highlights a permissive culture that allowed Weinberg to keep working despite mounting signs of trouble. In at least one case, he was hired by producers who had previously been involved with Scrub and knew he had been let go for misconduct. Weinberg used his power and Hollywood status to sexually abuse women as far back as 2000.

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