How to talk to your kids about sexual assault

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2024 | Other Sexual Abuse

Parents cannot protect their kids every moment of the day. They may be at school, daycare or at practice. This separation can amplify a Florida parent’s fears of an authority figure such as a teacher, a priest or a coach abusing their child.

However, it is possible to give your children the necessary tools to help them recognize right from wrong and, in a way, protect them from abuse even when you are away.

Do not shy away from intimidating topics

When it comes to your children, it is important to prepare them at an early age for the very real dangers of sexual abuse and assault. Consider discussing these topics with your children in a way they can grasp to help them be aware:

  • Consent: Let your children learn about the power of the word “no,” especially if someone is behaving in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable or scared and if it involves physical contact.
  • Anatomy: It is crucial to teach your kids about the human anatomy. Knowing the words and names to describe body parts can help them communicate if something happens. It will also help them understand that they must keep certain body parts private and protected.
  • Trust: Make sure your kids understand that you and other adults you trust will protect them if they come forward about things that may have happened to them or their friends, especially if someone is asking them to keep secrets.

By talking with your kids about these subjects, you can help them recognize the signs of abuse which they or their friends may be vulnerable to. If you suspect your child is a survivor of abuse, it may help them communicate about the incident.

Parents cannot always be there for their kids. However, they can advocate for their children so that they recognize the signs of sexual abuse and grooming in order to help them protect themselves.