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The facts are clear: the Diocese of Greensburg engaged in the coverup of the sexual abuse of children for decades.

The Diocese of Greensburg has been home to some of the most notorious priests alleged to have committed child sexual abuse. Thanks to a recent scathing grand jury report, the facts are now coming to light about how the Diocese officials, including its bishops, protected predator priests before the innocent children in its flock. Victims of abuse by priests in the Diocese of Greensburg may be able to seek justice in a court of law or through a voluntary settlement fund for what occurred.

The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report reveals mountains of evidence of sexual abuse of minors committed by priests in the Diocese of Greensburg. This sexual abuse included grooming and fondling of genitals and/or intimate body parts, as well as penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus. According to the 2018 Grand Jury Report,

“The Grand Jury uncovered evidence of child sexual abuse committed by a number of priests of the Diocese of Greensburg. The forms of abuse discovered included grooming and the fondling of genitals and/or intimate body parts, as well as penetration of the vagina, mouth, and/or anus. The evidence also showed that Diocesan administrators, including bishops, had knowledge of this conduct and regularly permitted priests to continue in ministry after becoming aware that a complaint of child sexual abuse had been made against them. This conduct enabled the offenders and endangered the welfare of children.

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Finally, the Grand Jury received evidence that several Diocesan administrators, including bishops, often dissuaded victims from reporting to law enforcement. Meanwhile, the Diocese regularly failed to independently investigate allegations of child sexual abuse in order to avoid scandal and possible civil or criminal liability on behalf of the Diocese, accused priests, and Diocesan leadership. To the extent an investigation was conducted by the Diocese, it was too often deficient or biased and did not result in reporting credible allegations of crimes against children to the proper authorities or otherwise faithfully respond to the abuse which was uncovered.”

The civil lawsuits that have been filed against the Diocese of Greensburg and the extensive Grand Jury Report into the practices of the Diocese of Greensburg have exposed a culture of sexual abuse and cover-up, and efforts by the church to protect the reputation of the Diocese of Greensburg even if it meant putting children in harm’s way. The Grand Jury report identified 20 priests accused of sexual misconduct with minors in the Diocese of Greensburg in the last several decades. Under pressure from the general public and fellow bishops to release the identities of all priests accused of sexually abusing children, the Diocese of Greensburg recently released the names of 23 priests with “credible and substantiated allegations” of sexual abuse.

26 Priests Publicly Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children In The Diocese Of Greensburg

Through our own research, we have identified 26 priests assigned to the Diocese of Greensburg who have been accused of or who have admitted to abusing kids. The list of priests below includes many habitual re-offenders and other priests who allegedly committed abuse. In some cases, priests were alleged to have abused kids at multiple parishes:

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