Breaking News: More New Maryland Catholic Predators Exposed

by | Dec 21, 2023 | Catholic Church, Firm News

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It never fails. Virtually every time anyone takes a closer look at a church’s ‘credibly accused’ abuser list, more new names emerge, names that the institution (whether a diocese or a religious order) has conveniently left off its list. It could be researchers like us at Horowitz Law. It could be a group like (an archive organization) or SNAP, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (a support group.) It could be a prosecutor, grand jury, or attorney general. Or it could be a news outlet, as is the case here. It doesn’t matter. Virtually every single time somebody puts forth some effort and spends some time on Google, names turn up that SHOULD be but are NOT on the official church sex offender list.

So before we go further, let us express our deep gratitude to those who work diligently to warn others about child molesting clerics that Catholic officials want us to ignore or forget about and, by so doing, remind us all that secrecy and deceit continue to be the modus operandi of so many in the church hierarchy, hopefully, help law enforcement investigate, prosecute and convict some of them, keeping dangerous individuals away from children.

In this case, our appreciation goes out to the Baltimore Sun, which has (in its own words) “built the largest and only searchable database in Maryland, publishing a list of 309 people with ties to the church who were accused of child sexual abuse or misconduct and lived or worked anywhere in the state.” 

The new names include a caregiver, a deacon, and a nun. It includes a few seminarians, coaches, teachers, and dozens of priests. Several of them are apparently on no list anywhere, secular or religious. 

Expanded List of Accused Predators in the Archdiocese of Baltimore

Here’s a partial list of the ‘new names.’ The Maryland city or town where the offender is or was is directly after each name, followed by other places where s/he is or has been.

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